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A Look At Paul Cameron’s “Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do”

Jim Burroway

February 13, 2006; revised February 27, 2006

Paul CameronDr. Cameron continues to be a primary source of information for those who oppose equal rights for gays and lesbians. His pamphlet, Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do, has played an important part in the anti-gay arsenal.

Part of what makes Medical Consequences so valuable is that it’s packed with a lot of sexually-explicit charges of “what homosexuals do” and the dangers they pose to society. With more than 130 different statistics backed by thirty-three different footnotes in its few short pages, anti-gay activists find it to be a compelling case against efforts to promote equal rights among gays and lesbians. This pamphlet is not only distributed throughout the country, but copies can be found on dozens of web sites on the Internet.

Due to the huge number of claims in the pamphlet, it’s impossible to address all of them on a single web page — it would run some fifty pages of printed material. Instead, I have broken my examination down into twelve parts and an introduction for easier access.

So, without further ado, here it is:

Preface A general introduction.
Part 1: “What Homosexuals Do” Dr. Cameron lays the groundwork with a general overview.
Part 2: “Oral Sex” In which Dr. Cameron’s own survey makes its appearance.
Part 3: “Rectal Sex” Including gerbils!
Part 4: “Fecal Sex” In which Dr. Cameron ignores his own sources — twice!
Part 5: “Urine Sex” Disgusted Yet? There’s more.
Part 6: “Other Sex Practices” Where we catch Dr. Cameron red-handed in a last-minute switch — thanks to his botched footnotes.
Part 7: “Medical Consequences of Homosexual Sex” Including the horrible dangers of kissing!
Part 8: “Effects on Lifespan” Dr. Cameron’s most famous statistic.
Part 9: “The Gay Legacy” A plague descends upon the land.
Part 10: “The Biological Swapmeet” Another dangerous thing homosexuals do: they travel.
Part 11: “The Pattern of Infection” Gays endanger everyone.
Part 12: Summary “Genuine compassion” and a false witness.